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Surgical Mask


Please read the statement below for more information. We appreciate your attention to these protocols and will update as new information becomes available.

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Dear Membership,

As you know, COVID guidelines continuously change. As they change, we must adapt/modify our plans to make things work. Of course, nothing is as ideal as going back to running a show the way we all know and love. However, SVWAA not only has to adhere to CDPH guidelines, but also each individual school districts interpretation of those guidelines. We are being instructed to keep our shows as “non-mega” as possible, meaning we can’t have more than 500 people inside of the gym at any given time. SVWAA either follows suit, or we cancel shows. That being said, please review the safety protocols listed below. As guidelines change and we receive further instruction from our participating school districts, protocols will be re-evaluated and changed. We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and flexibility. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide performance opportunities for our students. We encourage you to do what it takes to make sure that can happen this 2022 season, especially after our two-year hiatus.


Safety Protocols:

1. All spectators, staff, and administrators will be required to wear a mask indoors at all times. Students may perform without masks but must wear them while spectating. The student section is now available on the visitor's side.


2. Concessions will be offered by site host. Absolutely NO food or drinks inside of the gym.


3. Awards Ceremonies will occur after each classification and will be held outdoors. Please refer to the schedule for times.


4. All spectators must exit the gym for EACH awards ceremony. We will be venting out the gym and having our sanitation crew wiping surfaces down. Spectators will be allowed to re-enter the gym for the next classification.


5. Ensembles will be encouraged to go home after their respective awards ceremony. However, students will be allowed to purchase spectator wristbands to sit home side.


7. Quarantined students will not affect minimum performer requirement.


8. Ensembles may drop a show due to COVID related issues and still be eligible for Championships (if it so happens to affect your minimum show requirement). However, SVWAA must receive a signed, school letter head letter from your sites administration confirming you are dropping a show due to COVID related issues ie. Travel restrictions, quarantine, etc.


9. Ensembles will receive a credit for the 2023 season. No refunds.



Eric Ramirez

Director of Bands, Hanford West HS

CMEA Central Communications Rep.

SVWAA President

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