Our mission is to provide performance opportunities to winter ensembles from local high schools and middle schools in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. We are a circuit of integrity, ran by our own members to serve our students and colleagues in an inclusive way. We welcome you and your ensembles to join us. Please join our email list to receive updates and information throughout the year.


Jeff Detlefsen

Sierra Pacific High School

Vice President

Shawn McElhaney

Lemoore High School

Colorguard Reps:
Brandon Gladden, Washington Union/El Diamante
Stephanie Calonge, Sierra Pacific
Junior High Rep:
Chris Morshead, Liberty Middle School
Judge Coordinators:
Phil Vallejo, Percussion
Heather Kuyper-McKeithen, Guard


Ruben Amavisca

Tulare Union High School

Exeter High School


Oddie Lambert

Mission Oak High School

Percussion Reps:
Art Nunez
Juan Gomez, Washington Union
Member At Large:
Alex Lozada
Executive Director:
Kathi Hernandez