While we use the WGI Rulebook, please read the following additions/considerations that SVWAA has made to best serve our community of performers.

A unit may compete in any regular SVWAA competition that they choose to enter.

A unit must compete in two (2) SVWAA competitions in order to be eligible to compete in the Championship competition. A unit must also be a member of SVWAA by paying their annual membership fee.  This fee is per school or independent organization. 

All schedules will be posted as soon as they are available.  Schedules are subject to change until the Monday of the given show week.  As of Monday Morning schedule additions or changes will not be permitted. 

Junior High School guard shows should be a minimum of 3.5 minutes in order to avoid a timing penalty. (3 minutes of equipment)

Junior High Groups are able to compete with High School Units if they desire to.

SVWAA reserves the right, following consultation with the Color Guard Judges Coordinator – Heather Kuyper, Percussion Judges Coordinator –Phil Vallejo, to move a unit into a higher or lower competitive level. Discussion with the director will happen prior to moving a unit. 

When competing in a scholastic category, all participants must be enrolled in said educational institution or feeder program of said institution.

Directors/instructors are responsible for the conduct and good sportsmanship of their unit members and boosters at all times. Please show respect to all competing units and individual competitors as well as personnel serving in various capacities for the host school. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in disqualification of the offending member's’ unit.

The Color Guard rulebook states “Color guards in the A and Open classes may not compete with less than five (5) nor more than thirty (30) performers in the competition area at any time. Color guards in the World classes may not compete with less than five (5) nor more than forty (40) performers in the competition area at any time.” SVWAA is about promoting growth, participation, and education in the winter arts. If you have more than 30 or 40 members in your performing ensemble, please contact for permission, as we want as many students involved as possible to foster a healthy program. Any groups marching more than the rulebook states without permission from administration may be subject to penalty.

For the safety of the student performers, flash photography is NOT allowed during performances. Video recording is ONLY allowed for members of your staff, support team, or parents.  Video recording of other groups is not allowed at anytime. 

Doors will be closed at all contests while a unit is on the competition floor. Students spectating are to respect that condition and remain seated while a unit is on the floor.

All performers must sit on the back side of the gymnasium, even after their portion of the competition is completed. Units may be disqualified if members sit of the spectator side. 

All judges sheets can be found in the WGI rulebook. 

SVWAA agrees to follow the rule set forth by WGI in allowing high school percussion students to participate in both their scholastic ensemble as well as an independent ensemble ONLY with written consent from their band director. Students who do NOT have a program available at their assigned high school may choose to participate in an independent group with proper protocols followed as outlined in the WGI rulebook. 

Color Guard Students may only participate in ONE performing ensemble at any given event.  (See WGI Rulebook Eligibility Rule 1.3)  Students who have have a high school ensemble available must compete with their high school or receive written consent from their band director to participate in an independent group.  Students who do NOT have a program available at their assigned high school may choose to participate in an independent group with proper protocols followed as outlined in the WGI rulebook. 

1. Performance order for the 2020 season will be determined by draw. Registration payment must be received by Jan 15, 2020 in order to retain performance order.  If registration payment is not received by Jan. 15, 2020 units will be removed from the show.  As payments are received units will be placed first in their class for the remaining shows of the season. 
2. If a unit is moved up or down during the season, after the initial draw, that class will be re-drawn with the correct number of performance units. These draws will be final the Monday before the said competition.
3. For 2020 Finals order will be determined by averaging the top two scores of the season and perform in reverse order. 
4. If a group goes on first or last more than twice in a season, the show will be redrawn.  (This does not affect championships)

Any unit that drops from a show after the Monday final schedule is posted, will go on first in their class at the next SVWAA show. This rule does not apply for championships. 

SVWAA will strictly enforce front side line penalties. WGI rules states there must be a 5 foot boundary between the audience and performing ensemble, which is not realistic for the performance venues SVWAA offers. The boundary line will be taped to the farthest out line of the painted basketball court in each gym.The front boundary line will be clearly marked with a blue masking tape boundary line, and the t&p judges will always help clarify before an ensemble enters the floor. Please be safe and courteous when designing shows to consider the space in the venues, meaning back sideline constraints with SVWAA performing venues. 
Back boundaries will be marked at 60 ft from front sideline where space is available. If the venue does not allow for 60 ft from the front sideline, the first row of the back bleachers will act as the back sideline.  If 60 ft. is available back boundaries will be taped.  As per WGI rules the front sideline will be at least 5 ft from the front bleachers, and will also be taped. 

1. If a unit misses a later show, their top two scores, not including penalties, will be "progressed" by adding 2 pts per week before or on show #1, and 1.5 pts per week after Show #2. After progression, 75% of each unit's highest score will be added to 25% of its second highest score to determine its score for seeding purposes. With board approval

2. Units will then perform at championships in their reverse order 

In order to allow the most positive experience for participants at SVWAA competitions, we ask that this code of conduct be followed during all SVWAA competitions. Any questions or concerns regarding a unit’s performance must be expressed by the director of the school to the SVWAA President or Executive Director.
There will be no contact with the judges by any performer, director, instructor, spectator, or parent/guardian during, or after, a competition. All questions/concerns regarding judging must be made through the Percussion Judges Coordinator and Color Guard Judges Coordinator.  Rulings made by the judges are final on all decisions concerning deductions, specific rulings, and final placement.
Unruly behavior by directors, instructors, performers, parents/guardians, or spectators will result in removal from the event.
Show design and performance material must be appropriate for family viewing. Any vulgar or suggestive movements, words, or music may result in a score deduction or disqualification. Judges’ decisions are final.

Please review WGI policies regarding deductions in scores due to non-performance related infractions.
SVWAA strongly supports and encourages sportsmanship, integrity, and fairness for all directors, instructors, performers, and supporters in all areas of the competition, not just practice and performance. We feel that directors, instructors, and parents/guardians are a necessary and effective instrument for instilling positive behavior among unit members. It is expected that all performers, directors, instructors, parents/guardians, and spectators represent themselves and their community in a positive way.

If you have any questions about any of the above addendums to the WGI rulebook that pertain to SVWAA please contact us at for further clarification. Thank you for your participation and cooperation.