2022 Instructor Clinics


The South Valley Winter Arts Association is excited to host two clinics for the upcoming 2022 season. We encourage all instructors and directors to attend to build our community through connection and education.


Read below for more information and to register.



In session one, we will start by discussing how to create a timeline for your group to ensure a successful season. We will look at a typical season calendar and discuss how to map out your goals to reach them in a timely manner. 

Show building and designing is the core task we all take on each year. We will discuss methods of mapping out your show, building upon themes, and designing in a way that meets your students at their current skill level.

To further prepare for the season, we will talk through judging sheets and the language used in judge commentary. We want to help instructors understand what judges are looking for and how to use their comments to strengthen your programs.

This session is for both guard and percussion instructors. After the initial welcome into the session, we will split into guard and percussion groups to work through the topics above.


January 23, 2022
3-6 PM

Zoom ONLY. Link will be sent to those registered before the event.

In session two, there will be judges for guard and percussion attending to offer their unique perspectives. They will discuss what a judge looks for in a program, understanding captions, judge language, and more. Between the clinic hosts and judges, we will check in with you to address any questions you may have before we enter into competitions. We hope to leave you feeling confident and ready to compete.

Guard will have Tony Crapo to speak about design analysis and Skye Emerson to speak about equipment and movement.

Percussion will have Robert Bowen to speak about design analysis and music.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! This session will be via Zoom. Please let us know which option you choose when you register below. Thank you!



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